Recording: Round Table Discussion

Friday, August 30th, 2019

In case you missed the round table discussion, you can click on the link to hear the recording. Below is the agenda of what was discussed and attached is the power point presentation: membership Round Table 8-20-19.


  1. Introductions of Hospitality Council officers
    1. Address any need for missing officers
  2. Overview of responsibilities of the council
  3. Past history of Hospitality Council webinars including Food Service and Restaurant Council activities
  4. If manageable, depending on number of participants, have each participant introduce themselves
  5. Discussion of major issues facing our council members at the present time
  6. Discussion of topics for future webinars that could address:
    1. Professional develop activities
    2. Avenues to address immediate issues facing council members
  7. World Workplace 2019
  8. Concluding thoughts